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In general, the Barhi date provides a varying degree of sweetness depending upon its ripeness level, ranging from fresh sugar cane to coconut and butterscotch. They are smaller and more spherical than other varieties and are often still attached to the vine when sold in their unripe, yellow stage. The yellow Barhi date has a golden matte finish and a crunchy apple-like texture with a slight sweetness and mild astringency similar to that of a hachiya persimmon. If left at room temperature, it will eventually turn a brownish color as it ripens, becoming soft and chewy with a thin crisp outer skin.

The Barhi, or Barhee, date comes from the date palm botanically classified as Phoenix dactylifera, and is considered the sweetest and creamiest of its species. Due to its lower than average astringency, this date is unique in its edibility during all three stages of ripeness: yellow and semi-ripe (Khalal), amber brown and fully ripe (rutab) or dark brown, dried and wrinkled (tamr). It is usually eaten fresh and seldom in the final dried, wrinkled stage. A real delicacy, the Yellow Barhi date has an extremely short season and best used immediately.

Yellow Barhi dates are a rich source of fiber, iron, potassium, B-vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants.


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