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Black Eyed Beans

Project Description

Black beans are small, cream coloured beans with a scar where they were joined to the pod. Black eyed beans contain calcium (41 mg) folate (356 mcg), protein (13.22 g), fiber (11.1 g) and vitamin A (26 IU), among other nutrients, all for less than 200 calories, in a 171-g, one-cup serving.

In Portugal, Black eyed beans are served with boiled cod and potatoes and in salads. In Vietnam, Black eyed beans are used in a sweet dessert called Ché đậu trắng (Black eyed beans and sticky rice with coconut milk). In Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, Black eyed beans are eaten with vegetables, oil, salt, and lemon. In Syria, Jordan and Lebanon lobya or Black eyed beans are cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, peeled and chopped, olive oil, salt and black pepper. In India, Black eyed beans are called chola.

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