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Dried Lemon

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Black dried lemon is a small lemon, and is spread mainly in many Asian countries, especially in India and Iran, a food that carries many health benefits to the health of the human body, because it has a very high nutritional value, a very large proportion Of calcium and potassium, in addition to some vitamins such as vitamin D, the benefits of dried lemon can be obtained by entering it into the daily diet
The dried lemon strengthens both the black and yellow heart muscle, protects against serious heart disease, such as heart palpitations, and regulates the process of pumping blood to various organs of the body,

It also prevents the blockage of arteries, and disease. The body is free of toxins; it has properties that are harmful to bacteria and bacteria, which makes it a natural disinfectant of the digestive system, which saves him from the wastes that affect his work negatively. It protects the intestines from various diseases. It contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which plays an important role in cleansing and cleansing the bowel, making it function more efficiently.

Women benefit after birth. They are compensated with many vitamins and nutrients that they lose during pregnancy and after birth. They strengthen their immune system, relieve them from inactivity, fatigue, fatigue, increase their activity and vitality, helping them to look after their child better.

Maintains the general health of the body. Dried lemon contains many important nutrients to strengthen muscles, teeth, and protect bones from fragility.

It also protects against inflammation and stimulates and activates brain cells because it contains riboflavin.

Protects kidneys and reduces the risk of stones in them, as it is a natural diuretic of urine, which prevents the retention of fluids and urine in the body.
It prevents weight gain because it contains a small percentage of fat and calories And other benefits .

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