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Pisum sativum Scientific name

Peas or pea fall under (vegetables) of the platoon

And its fruit is

Containing small spherical beads. , Can be kept frozen, canned or dried. Peas or peas are a vegetarian alternative to meat and other proteins

A cup of peas contains less than 100 calories and contains plenty of protein, fiber and micronutrients. – Contributing to the prevention of cancer

Peas contain a substance called cholesterol. Research has shown that eating 2 milligrams of this substance every day protects against stomach cancer. Pea cup contains 10 milligrams of this substance.

Peas contain high levels of antioxidants that enhance immunity and supply the body with energy

Peas have anti-inflammatory properties, so they protect against arthritis, bronchitis, rheumatic heart disease and osteoporosis.

They also contain a high proportion of fiber and proteins that slow down sugar digestion. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents also work to prevent diabetes. Carbohydrates and sugars found in peas are the type that does not cause high blood sugar.

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