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One of the most important species of plants or herbs originating in the countries of the Mediterranean region, where parsley grows in humid areas with moderate temperatures.

Parsley is widely used in international cuisine and is widely used in the Middle East, Europe,

Called Parsley in the Pharaonic language “died” The scientist found the remains of Lee seeds and leaves of this plant in some Pharaonic tombs and confirmed that they used parsley in many recipes for many diseases

Parsley was used for hundreds of years. The pharaohs used fresh parsley to reduce fever, menstrual cramps or breakouts, to remove infections and tumors, while using parsley seeds to remove intestinal gases and dysplasia

Parsley is rich in folic acid, which acts as an effective treatment of anemia, contributes to the maintenance of cardiovascular health, regulates blood circulation in the body, and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and stroke.

Folic acid is also one of the important nutrients that confirm the proper or desirable cell division in the body, which is important in the prevention of cancer,

And prevent the formation of cancer cells in the two most dangerous areas in the body because of their contain the cells are very split compared with cells in other areas of the body, and these regions are the colon in both sexes, and the cervix in women.

It has a great effect on the skin, increasing its freshness and shine, and it is an ideal solution for pimples and acne that suffers from oily skin …

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