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(Allium sativum) Garlic is scientifically known as

It is a plant that is grown in all regions of the world. It is one of the oldest plants known throughout the ages. It has been known in many ancient civilizations for its preventive and curative qualities. It was used in ancient Arabic, Indian and Chinese medicine to treat many Diseases.

 Garlic is composed of a number of discrete lobules separated from the middle only. Garlic is mainly composed of compounds containing sulfur and amino acid S-allele cysteine, and garlic contains the non-mashed alum, which turns into Allycin, when crushed and the interaction of Allyn with Alinez enzyme, gives Allysin smell of garlic distinctive, and then produces Allycin many other compounds, and measured the activity of garlic and its work by the content of Alesin

Garlic is also characterized by its jet smell,

Several studies and research have proven the relationship between garlic consumption and its preventive and therapeutic benefits from multiple health problems

Lower cholesterol level and blood pressure: This is the most common use of garlic,

In addition, many studies have shown that eating garlic regularly contributes to lowering blood pressure, by affecting the relaxation of the muscles of blood vessels by raising the production of nitric oxide, which works to expand and relax the blood vessels

Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases: It fights atherosclerosis, accumulation of clots and clots

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